Travel budget calculator

Additional budget for traveling is one of the main obstacle that holds us from doing things we’re dreaming about NOW. We are here to show you options how much it could cost to visit the place. Maybe it will be cheaper than you think or you’ll get more ideas how to make it real.

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How it works

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WE make calculations

Based on your provided information and other travelers data.

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Why we do this

We want to help people overcome obstacles and travel more, further and more exciting. Discover beautiful things, get experiences they haven’t imagined to exist. TravelREAL budget calculator is just one little support to get a step closer making their journey real.

Current trip budget calculator is a basic TEST version, prepared manually by us. But in the future we want to make it fully automated, means instant and as much as possible personalized to provide most accurate travel costs for future travelers.

Our purpose

To support people making the first step and help them grow.

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