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If you're looking for ideas what to do and see in your travels, we're here to show you the options. We will make you a list with ideas based on your traveling style and desires adding some tips collected from other travelers. To make your trip more interesting, meaningful and REAL.

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How it works

YOU fill the form

It will take approx 1 min.

WE collect ideas

Based on your needs, our knowledge and other travelers experiences.

WE email information to YOU

Within 1 week expect an email from Eagle.

Why & what's next

Money is not the only obstacle that holds us from making our trip real. Trip planning could also be a stopper as it requires time and energy to do a proper research for ideas and routes. Leaving everything for the last minute can increase stress and downgrade the joy of the journey. 

With Trip pre-planner we want to make people life easier before they start traveling. Collect and share ideas based on their wishes, provide tips and tricks, but at the same time inspire to choose themselves what to see and which way to go.

The future of Trip pre-planner is very challenging. We want to make it organic, constantly improved by travelers and one day FREE for everyone. But it’s a long, knotty way till we build the right process, collect data and make it fully automated trip planning assistant.

If you feel connected to this idea, we invite you to try it, share your thoughts how we can improve it and help us grow. 

Our purpose

To support people making the first step and help them grow.

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